For years now we, along with our partners at home and abroad, have been proving our skill in repairing dents in vehicles without any damage to the paintwork.

Our skills in this area are down to the years of experience of our technicians and constant improvement in our repair methods and dent removal techniques. In regular training sessions, all of the employees in our team are prepared for the challenges posed by new types of vehicle and are trained in the handling of new generations of PDR tools.

Successful results are particularly visible on larger patches of hail damage and hard-to-reach parts of the bodywork. We are able to remedy these using gentle methods. Where others resort to labour and cost-intensive processes, such as the removal of parts of the body work, our expertise pays off for you through rapid fixing of the damage as well as quick processing of invoices and performance reports.

We want to work honestly, professionally and reliably with you; we create trust through credibility. For this reason we are also a member of BVAT. In cooperation we resolve even the biggest tasks in record time.

Best wishes,