KR-ONE: „Preisgekröntes Kunsthandwerk für die Karosserie“, April 2015

Award-winning craftwork for car body

Touch and precision. Dent removal is a craftwork.

Germans love their cars. Not a few wives even complain that their husbands pay more attention to their car than to their relationship. It is easy to imagine the pain caused by a dent in the bodywork of the beloved speedster. But for all those suffering the pain of damage to their car their is a silver lining on the horizon: HAMM – The Dent Experts. The abilities of the gentle repairers from Krefeld are unrivalled in Germany. No matter how careful one is, if one parks under a chestnut tree or drives into a hail shower, a mishap can easily occur.

What previously could be repaired only by inserting new car body parts, by sanding, boring, adhering and repainting can now be repaired by dent experts within a very short time. The craft of the so-called dent doctors is like an art. Dents are carefully massaged out. Thus, aluminium and steel sheets are returned to their original form. The cost of this procedure is far lower than that of traditional repairs. The result is nigh-on perfect and therefore not only is acknowledged by experts and insurance companies, but also guarantees that the vehicle’s value is preserved.

Since dent removers must actually be blessed with very special abilities, a competition has developed in the industry that is now firmly established. Once a year, the best in the trade come together to find out who is the very best at the German PDR Championships. This year, not just first place but also second place was occupied by the dent doctors from Hamm.

Winner Rafael Takii and second-placed Marcus Vinicius Farias came out on top against a high-calibre field. “I am really proud of our lads,” said company owner Alexander Hamm enthusiastically. “’What the two of them have achieved is splendid. Rafael and Marcus learned this craft from their fathers. So they started at a very early stage and have a great deal of experience. However, the close result also shows that work is being done at an incredibly high level in the entire industry.”

Important: It is possible for a dent to be repaired by a dent expert without retouching work being required only if the paint is not damaged. If this basic requirement is fulfilled, the dent can be removed either in the dent experts’ workshop or directly on site within a day. Additional painting work can lengthen repair times. So if your beloved automobile has a minor injury, there is no need to panic. With the award-winning Hamm dent experts, your dream car is in the very best hands. //kor

Rheinische Post: “Dent Professionals are the best in Germany”, 04.03.2015

Dent Professionals are the best in Germany

Alexander Hamm from Krefeld surrounds himself with international panelbeating experts in his garage at Dießemer Bruch. Rafael Takii and Marcus us Vinicius Farias were victorious at the championships held by the Federal Association for Planishing Technology and Hail Damage Repair.

(...) The 36-year-old Alexander Hamm put together his colourful international team a number of years ago and one thing that this team can do really, really well is – to repair dents in the bodywork of cars. Rafael Takii (26) and Marcus Vinicius Farias (26) have just recently been victorious at the championships organised by Federal Association for Planishing Technology and Hail Damage Repair and held in Rotenburg an der Fulda, meaning that they are officially the very best in Germany.

Defending champion Farias, however, was just pipped into second place by his colleague Takii, who with 1218 points was just a mere five points ahead at the finish. The dent experts came from Brazil a number of years ago. (...)

During his time in the insurance industry, Hamm learned and quickly realised that the repair of hailstone damage on the cars is a lucrative business. The Uerdingen- born businessman now employs 37 experts, as well as two office staff. “We are an assembly operation and work on site,” explains Hamm. (...) The season is from May to December, and the team then works twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Last year the largest hailstone incidents were recorded in Paris and in Brussels. Hamms dent professionals were then correspondingly busy as a result. For Europe’s largest car-body construction company based in the Belgian capital, the garage repaired a total of 1,400 cars. Car dealerships and insurance companies are the primary customers. The Krefeld-based garage keeps itself up-to-date with the wider weather situation on the Internet. “There are special meteorological newsletters, that tell you today where it will hailstone tomorrow,” explains the garage boss. (..)

Rheinische Post: „Mann ohne Macken“, 24 February 2014

Man without defects

(sep) Markus Farias is Germany’s best car dent remover. He comes from Krefeld, just the city with one of the greatest incidences of hail damage in the last few years. Farias, an employee at HAMM – The Dent Experts, based at Dießemer Bruch 59, performed best in a competition focused on removing defects on cars. The results have been officially revealed.

Farias won at the dent and polishing championship, part of a trade fair in Rotenburg an der Fulda, Hesse. 28 men competed against each other there at the weekend. The aim was to polish bonnets to a high finish and remove dents as effectively and as quickly as possible.

Markus Farias is actually Brazilian. However, for five years now he has worked at Hamm – The Dent Experts in Krefeld for six to eight months per year. He went to Holland with his boss, Alexander Hamm, to celebrate the win. “I am very pleased about the success. It is all a matter of technique, but luck is also involved,” said Farias, who also lives in Krefeld. “I simply have a good time here. I like it in Krefeld.” He says he has learned a lot from his boss, who recommended to him that he participate in the competition in Hesse. A car rental firm had supplied several cars for the competition, which were dented using a specific procedure, explained event organiser Wolf-Henning Hammer, General Manager of the Federal Association for Planishing Technology and Hail Damage Repair. “This results in standardised dents,” he said. The experts had to “massage out” or “pull out” the dents. For this, said Hammer, hot glue is applied to the paint and the damage is removed using a special device. “In the end, the dent must not be visible at all any more,” stressed Hammer.

Het Nieuwsblad – Weekend Edition – Saturday, 14 June, 2014

Top German company helps garage in Zellik

On Thursday a specialist German company arrived at Carrosserie Vannerum in Zellik with 25 top mechanics who will spend the next few months repairing the thousands of dented cars that were damaged during the devastating hailstone storm which happened last weekend.

ZELLIK The insurance branch estimates that 70,000 vehicles or more were damaged over the Whit weekend in Belgium. „It has been a mad house here since Tuesday,“ explain the managers of a garage with 26 employees, Marc and Carina Vannerum. „Car-rental companies, insurance companies, private persons, companies .... everyone wants to talk to us. There is no garage in a position at the moment to be able to deal with this massive wave of damaged vehicles. We were fully aware from the very beginning that we had to think of something in order to be able to offer good, but more than anything else, the fastest service possible.“

It is for this reason that Vannerum is working with the German company HAMM, a specialist company in this area. „The company travels right across Europe from one hailstone storm to the next,“ explains Marc Vannerum. „They deploy their very best technicians who are skilled in the use of PDR Technology. The repair process involves removing the dents in a way, which means that the vehicle doesn‘t have to be painted afterwards. This involves a kind of soft massage, which lifts the damaged area. This quickly corresponds to savings of up €1,500 per vehicle. And the vehicle keeps its original paint job.“

The company took over the building which Vannerum normally uses to repair lorries. The company‘s 25 employees repair 150 vehicles each week. Vannerum‘s order books are already filled with 3,000 vehicles, meaning that the team will be staying for at least twenty weeks.

„When it comes to repairing hailstone damage, the company plays in the Champions League to use a football analogy. The technicians even take part in international competitions. A number of them will even be travelling to Florida next year in order to take part in the World Championships. Each of them puts their heart and soul into their job. The majority of them work with tools that they actually developed themselves. Since yesterday (Thursday, editor) they have already repaired 35 vehicles. And I have no complaints whatsoever.“

“We never ever had such a wave of damaged cars ever,” says Carina Vannerum. “As we started out here in Zellik in 1988, we had just the one heavy hailstones storm in Vilvorde with three hundred damaged cars. It was like manna from heaven for us. We were able to establish our business immediately. But what we have here now is a hundred times worse.”